woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Slow slow slow


Since my last post it's going Ok-ish. I'm back to eating vegan, 99% of the time. Although I've had 3 weeks of and didn't always choose the right vegan foods. The problem is that I'm not losing weight anymore.

I have lost around 13 kgs of weight in the last 3 months, so I am very happy about that. But I still want to lose another 20 kg! I know where I go wrong...

The things I do right:
- I mainly eat healthy
- I eat my fruits and veggies daily
- I juice daily (green juice, mostly spinach, apple and pear)
- I joined the gym and actually go instead of sponsoring the gym...

The things I do wrong:
- I'm not drinking enough water anymore
- I forget to eat breakfast again
- I started to drink cola-light again
- I still smoke!

The main thing is that I persist in eating healthy. I'm not totally falling off the wagon, which I normally did when I hit a plateau-fase. So I am still very proud of what I accomplished so far :). I need to change a few things and hope to start losing weight again.

To kick-start losing weight again, I plan to have a juice-feast as off next week. I watched the documentary 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' from Joe Cross. As usually thefruitpursuit.com has been a source of inspiration for me (she provides a link to the torrent of the documentary).

Joe Cross had a juice feast for 60 days and loses tons of weight. I'd love to do one some day, but I can't imagine it with my lifestyle of working and 24-hour shifts. So that's why I'll start with one week to see how it goes. I don't want to faint in the OR...

I'm off to work, but first I'll have my daily green juice :)


zondag 7 augustus 2011

Oops I did it again...

Hell everyone!

It's been awhile since I have written a blog here (shame on me!), and that's because I have had some difficulties with the vegan diet. Well actually the diet isn't what's the problem, it's more the change in lifestyle and my motivation..

Eveyone who knows me, knows that I am a very impulsive person. I jump into everything blindsided and very enthousiastic. Staying enthousiastic and persisting in something has alwas been my problem. Although I must say that I finished med school, so it's not as if I've never finished anything in my life. I can and have been very persistent with some other things in life. I have also noticed that the last years I have settled down and quited down in more than one way. But being impulsive is a part of me, and also a part I treasure as it makes life less boring. I have actually never regreted an impulsive action (mostly).

But this time I have done it again. After reading the book skinny bitch I jumped onto the 'vegan-wagon', bought books and an entire supply of vegan foods as I was insisting I would do this for the rest of my life. And I still think it's the best and healthiest diet there is. But as life has been a little stressfull lately (boyfriend and I both work shifts), I failed miserably. I started eating cheese again (hello fat that's back on my hips and belly), but I stayed off the meat as I don't ever want to eat a corpse again. Although I must admit that I had a little peace of meat last night when I had too much alcohol...

But as of tomorrow I'll try again.Why? Well as I've never felt so healthy and alive as when I ate vegan. To have energy at the end of a long day was wonderful! So I keep wondering WHY did I fell off the wagon when I felt so good eating vegan? I think a person in a stress situation tends to fall back on his old ways. And that's what I did. And although it sucks feeling low on energy, it's easier to grab an unhealthy meal than to think of a vegan meal when you are not completely used to it yet.

So tomorrow it's back to green monsters, quinoa, and loads of fruits and veggies! And it's back to blogging again as I still have a long lists of posts I want to share with you guys!

Lots of love,