donderdag 23 juni 2011

Not quite daily yet


In my last (and first) post I promised to write daily. I haven't kept that promise yet. This is due to lame excuses like shifts at work, illness and preparing for my 30th birthday party this weekend. O, and our laptop broke down. It is fixed, so that's not an issue anymore.

How's my diet?
Well that's actually going quite ok. I have gotten used to this new eating style. And I like it! I must say that I have had some setbacks due to my busy weeks. But nothing major. I still like trying out all kinds of new recipes. And I haven't eaten so healthy my entire life! Somedays it's hard to get all fruits and veggies, othhers it's easy. But all in all I am quite satisfied!

I have lost 8 kgs so far, and that's amazing! People are starting to notice, and that's also quite nice! After my big 30th birthday party I'll start with a new challenge: not eating anything unhealthy anymore and no diet coke. I'll start with 30 days and will look at the results. With unhealthy I mean no more eating biological cookies, and no more pre packed products.

For now I'm off to bed. One more day and than....pary party!


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