maandag 4 juli 2011

30th birthday and reflections

Hello everbody!

And I can really say everyboday as the statistics option of my blog shows that lots of people from all over the world are reading this new blog :) Please feel free to leave a message!

30th birthday
Time flies by. Last week I celebrated my 30th birthday! I had a blast! I invited my friends over for a bbq before I went vegan. So I decided to do a traditional (with meat) bbq (I refrained from eating meat) for the very last time as I didn't want to impose my lifestyle on my friends. As of next year I will only serve salads etc. on my birthday as I felt guilty to buy so much meat while I try to save as many animals as possible by not eating meat or dairy. But all in all I had a blast at my party!

So what did I achieve before my thirtieth?
- I have graduated medical school
- I am a surgeon in training
- I found my beautiful (in- and outside) boyfriend
- We live together in a house which feels like a home
- We have 5 wonderful pets (4 cats and 1 dog), and I love them to death
- I have really good and loyal friends, both in my hometown and in other places in the Netherlands and this world
- I have found peace with some issues that happened in my past (more on that in a later blog)

So what have I done wrong before my thirtieth?
Too many things like any other human being. I have hurt some people and I wish I could go back in the past and change that. But I have forgiven myself and others what happened. I don't like to linger too much in the past. Every mistake I made I know I did that with 'good intentions' at heart, although afterwards it appeared that those intentions were wrong. I can only try to avoid making those mistakes in the future.

So what do I want to achieve before my 35th birthday?
I actually wanted to write 40th birthday, but that sounds so far away..
- I (and we) want to have children. We feel ready for it so it's an exciting but also anxious time. We will see...
- I want to finish my training and become a good surgeon, not only technically good, but also a humane doctor.
- I want to be healthy, thin, fit and non-smoking!
- I want to continue eating/being a vegan. It feels good, healthwise, but also animal-wise.
- I want to be (and also stay) a stable, friendly and loving friend, mom, and family member.


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