dinsdag 5 juli 2011

So what do I eat?


I'll use this post to write about my daily eats since I have decided to eat vegan (about 4 weeks now).

I have never been the type to eat a large breakfast. It's actually a lot of trouble to eat breakfast for me, but since I have turned vegan I haven't missed a breakfast! I wake up at 5am as I have to drive an hour to work and I have to be there at 7:15am. So I usually eat around 5:30am. Lately I have taken up starting the day with lemon water. After that I drink a smoothie (green monster) consisting of spinach, water, agave, and whatever fruit I still have left in the house (usually pears, apples, pine-apple, or frozen berries). After that I have a bowl of fruits with nuts and soy milk. It can occur that I munch on some biological cookies in the car when I don't have the time to eat my bowl of fruit (but then I eat that at work).

Here are some pictures of my breakfast from yesterday:

Lunch varies every day for me. I often eat a sandwich with vegan mayonaise with avocado, lettuce and tomatoes. Or I eat leftovers from the previous night. Other times I take a salad with me to work. It all depends on what's left in my refrigerator. Yesterday I ate a sandwich with homemade tapenade (sun dried tomatoes, hazelnuts, walnut oil, and basil blended together, really yummie...), lettuce and cucumber. I really liked it...

Well when I said lunch varied... dinner varies even more. I usually whip up something, sometimes I use a cookbookrecipe (my favourite so far is vegan planet, I'll do a book review later when I have tried more recipes). My dinner varies from different stirfries, to salads, to home-made pizza to pastas etc. Lately I prefer to eat grains like quinoa or bulgur. Yesterday I made a curry with cauliflower, carrots, potato, cashew nuts, coconut milk and loads of spices, served with quinoa. Loved it!

Snack time!
For snacks I usually eat biological cookies (way too often, I try to cut back on them...), fruits, or vegetables with a dip. I often don't have time for snacks, that's why I eat fruits for breakfast. Yesterday I went to the Ikea with my boyfriend. While he ate a chocolate pie, I was happy that they started a fruit bar. So I had a cup of yummie fresh (hopefully) fruits.

I have had an addiction to coke (the drink...) as long as I can remember. I have always used the excuse: "I drink coke as I don't drink coffee and I need the caffeine!", but I was just a coke-addict. The regular kind, not the diet coke kind. When I just turned vegan I weaned off the coke completely and only drank water, water, tea and tea. Lately I have started drinking Diet Coke, which is bad bad bad as I know it's full of toxins. As a result I drink way less water which then gives me a blinding headache at the end of the day. So as of today it's back to water and herbal teas!

That's the end of my ramblings about my vegan diet.

As I haven't had any reactions yet to my blog (and yes I know I have readers, so reply!), here a question:
What do you want to change in your eating habits?


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  1. Hi Nance,

    I have really cut down on eating meat but would like to eat even less. And I'm trying not to eat as much fish and have totally cut down on Tuna as it is now almost extinct. But that's a whole other discussion :-)