vrijdag 2 november 2012

Eating in my shift

I hope that this blog will help me in the next few weeks to remain enthusiastic and successful in continuing a vegan lifestyle. That's why I wrote a new post so quickly, albeit a quite short one as I just finished an 18-hour shift. Before my shift I went to the Bio-store and bought myself a copy of Vegan for fit from Attila Hildmann, a German vegan Chef. I am quite excited about the book as it looks wonderful and the recipes aren't stuffed with Soy (I don't like it and am allergic to it). I can't say much more at the moment as I haven't tried the recipes and didn't read the book yet. It's a shame that the book can only be bought in German, but maybe some day it will be translated.

So what did I eat yesterday?
Breakfast: Smoothie (2 glasses) from frozen strawberries, purified water, banana, superfoods (bee pollen, maca, chlorella, hemp seeds, chia seeds, raw cacao), and some biological apple-sauce for a taste of sweetness. 
Lunch: left-over tortilla pizza with a salad (romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika with a dressing of hemp oil, tahini and balsamico vinegar).
Dinner: zucchini soup (onions, garlic, vegetable stock, 2 zucchinis, nutritional yeast and raw cashews pureed together) with gluten-free bread and self-made sun-dried tomato tapenade. 
I had some biological cookies, raw cashews and some fruit as snacks. I drank water and green tea. 

Tonight I have a friends birthday party. I will stuff myself before that with some delicious vegan foods so I won't be tempted by cheese or other non-vegan produce. I will also refrain from drinking alcohol as I learned that most wines and alcohol are cleaned with gelatin! I have some biological-vegan-wine, but lately I'm not in the mood for alcohol and I don't really drink that often anyway. 

I plan to make some delicious and healthy vegan snacks (muffins etc.) tomorrow so I can start the week with a stuffed freezer. Also I have another shift this Monday so I need to be prepared.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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