vrijdag 2 november 2012

Vegan again

Well it's been awhile since I've written here. Lots of things changed in my life and I wasn't able to keep up the vegan lifestyle (I remained a vegetarian though). But I'm back again :) I started eating vegan again since about a week. The reasons? First of all, I cannot get my head around eating animal products. I love my own animals and I wouldn't eat them, so why eat other animals? The way animals are slaughtered is disgusting, and why should they be slaughtered in the first place? Furthermore I am a 1000% convinced that it is indeed very unhealthy to eat animal products not only the flesh (a.k.a. dead bodies), but also the milk (you don't drink from your mothers tits anymore so why should you drink from an animals?), and the other derivatives of animals such as cheese, gelatin, etc. I read the book 'crazy sexy diet' and my old vegan vibes started up again.....so here I am again... a proud vegan :)

I've also read up about superfoods and am incorporating them in my diet as well (see the articles of David Wolfe). I use them mostly in my breakfast-smoothies and in salads. I use Maca, Raw Cacao, Spirulina, Chlorella, Bee pollen (it can be disputed that they are not vegan, but for now I decided to use them), and Chia seeds. Furthermore I take supplements: vegan vitamins, omega-3-fatty acids (plant-based, not the fatty fish kind), and Spirulina tablets.

I have been doing this for a week now, and I must say the healthy benefits are incredible. I have gone from an ever-tired-sleeping-on-the-couch-every-night-person to a person with lots of energy. I even notice that I need less sleep. I am starting to lose weight again and I feel better in many more ways.

I'm reading a lot about the topic of healthy vegan foods, but also about the vegan lifestyle. I'm not going all the way with my lifestyle. For instance I have leather seats in my car, I'm not going to sell it because of that. I will wear my leather shoes, but won't be buying new ones when they are worn out. I'm not throwing out my animals as some vegans say that keeping animals is not allowed in a vegan lifestyle. I'm not changing the foods my cats and dog eat, I can't change their diets suddenly.

For now I am happy with the way I eat. Although I must say there are some things I do not like. It takes a lot more time to plan my meals and to prepare them before I go to work. The costs are another thing, it is indeed expensive to buy all-organic-vegan-produce. But I had to stock up again, and for this month I only need to buy fresh veggies and fruits. I also bought a water-purifier and superfoods that last for a few months. I'm happy that there is a market twice a week where a biological farm sells its produce for fair prices. I spend about 20 euros a week on veggies and fruits and I eat a lot of them at the moment.

Yesterday I made some yummy vegan pizza tortillas (from the book skinny bitch in the kitch) and I made some zucchini soup to take to my night shift today.

My biggest anxiety at the moment is that I start all enthousiastic but won't be able to keep it up. But for now I'll try to keep it up for a lifetime :)

Vegan Hug

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