vrijdag 16 november 2012

Recap Day 1 VFF

Day 1 Vegan for Fit

I was very excited to start day 1, but it didn't start out the way I planned it. I had my breakfast (Smoothie) from super foods, but when I walked my dog I had to vomit... I didn't think more breakfast was a good idea so I had no breakfast at all. For lunch I took some gluten-free crackers with avocado, my stomach could handle that ;). After work I went to the bio-store. I bought some Pumpkin, white Almond Butter and I found some popped amaranth. I also went to a specialised tea store (Tee Gschwendner) and found some Japanese organic Matcha tea :).

As Afternoon-snack I had a Matcha-Latte (without the coffee). I understand that some people have trouble adjusting to the strong flavour of Matcha but as I'm used to chlorella I found the Matcha quite good.

For dinner I had some Pumpkin chips with a self-made salsa dip. Loved it and my stomach could handle it.

Soda: Ok, I'll admit it.... I had half a glass...
Cigarets: I had about 10 cigarettes left this morning, I smoked them, but won't be buying new ones.
Sports: none, other than walking my dog. Normally I have Zumba at thursday nights, but as I am not quite healthy yet I decided to stay home.

Summary of day 1
Foods: certainly managed them all vegan and without sugar :)
Drinks: matcha-shake (good), water (good), coke (not so good)
Cigarets: Not so good, but normally I smoke about 20-25, so a lot better.

The planned foods for tomorrow 
Breakfast: Popped amaranth
Snack: choco-matcha-shake
I precooked my lunch: zucchini noodles with tomato-vegetable-sauce
Snack: fruits
Dinner: not sure yet but I think I'll try the zucchini-canneloni.
Cigaret: none ;)

I plan to make those wonderful amaranth-pancakes this weekend, they look so lovely! I also have a birthday-party with dinner, so I am quite nervous as how that turns out....

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