zondag 4 november 2012

Loving the animals & Zucchini pasta

Well, I picked up my dog yesterday (part-time dog as I share him with my ex), and I always feel much better when he's around. As I was cuddling my dog and meanwhile looking at facebook messages I came across the following picture:

Well that's some common logic! I looooove the picture as it exactly states how I feel these days about animals! There is no good reason to slaughter these lovely animals, we don't need them to survive and we surely don't need them to have a healthy and lovely meal.

Today I ate:
Breakfast: Smoothie (almond milk, raw cacao, maca powder, bee pollen, hemp seeds, banana)
Lunch: none actually, not so good
Dinner: Zucchini pasta with bolognese sauce (onions, garlic, basil, mushrooms, grilled paprikasauce and sun-dried pesto (self-made) with a splash of bio-red-wine, topped with some nutritional yeast  (which is actually better as parmesan!). Adapted recipe from the vegan for fit book.
Snack: Vegetarian sausages with bread, pickles, ketchup and fried onions

I bought this funny little kitchen helper (only 6 euros) that makes zucchini into spaghetti easily. It's nice without all the extra carbohydrates and it's a nice way to get some easy raw veggies! And it tasted yummy!

I went to the birthday party and my friends were so lovely as to buy me some vegetarian sausages instead of the regular ones. There was some milk-traces in them but the gesture was so nice and so were the sausages ;). I didn't tell them yet from my change to a vegan diet, and I don't care when I eat something once in a while which isn't 100% vegan.

Today I drank a few glasses of coke. This Dutch store the Albert Heijn, sells coke with stevia instead of sugar or some carcinogenic aspartam. I love coke, it's one of my weaknesses. After I get back from my course next week (more on that later) I want to follow the 30 day vegan for fit challenge. It's a nice transition period at the moment, eating vegan but not a 100% healthy. Of course I'll post updates about that later!

Have a nice Sunday and think about some lovely animals, vegan hugs!

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